$1,000,000 Bike (seriously)



Anything for the Bos-man.

Needs risers.

The segment of this video where the fellow says, “the strange element is this bicycle doesn’t have break, doesn’t have a gear…it’s the most difficult bike to ride,” should be the first thing people see when they come to Tarckbike.com.

i have a 1980 miyata 610…wonder if they are willing to trade.

The video has a lot of nonsense in it. I love how the guy says its so stiff that its hard to ride, and mentioned that it has no brakes and a single gear, as if they just thought of those things.

The repeated footage is pretty grand too.

^^^ even moreso when you’re at a campus computer without sound

I’ve got the same situation here at work. No speakers or headphones. I s’pose it wouldn’t be quite as bad with some audio distraction.

i’ll trade you my 110 for your 610

Isnt $1,000,000 only about 50 euros now anyway?

Can’t wait to see that in action.

Very similar to those LOOK track frames.

i’ll trade you my 110 for your 610[/quote]

i only paid $35 for it so i might be ripping you off…wait no, i ripped off the pawn shop i bought it from :bear:

Lowest aerodynamic drag of any bike my arse… Basically all the beam bikes should be better, and pretty much all the TT bikes I guess.
maybe the lowest among track bikes but then I’m not sure anyone had a standardized test of all the models out there.

And it looks pretty much like they just made a custom geometry/fit for him and left all the rest alone but who knows of course.

The “engineer” guy sounds pretty Schwarzenegger and that makes me chuckle.

wouldn’t blood doping be cheaper and easier than dealing with the aerodynamics? engineers are always making my life difficult

I wonder what the actual physical production cost was, because I’m sure the vast majority of that million went into R&D.

Also, Theo Bos naked. With a wheel to hide his dong.

My quads are bigger?