130 Miles Northward: Poorly Shot Photos of My Weekend's Journey

I dug around for the “FIrst Century” and “Epic Ride Pics” threads, but had no luck, then decided to just make my own damn thread. Hope ya don’t mind.

Departure at 4:30 AM


The shoulder, or lack thereof, I had for the first 15-20 highway miles

Aaaaahhhhh, farm country

Rural bike salmon in teh pouring rain

Quartered peanut butter n’ banana sandwiches were mah fuel. Idea courtesy of zombie. Also, dropped my camera while taking this stupid picture

I can haz blue skiez!?!?!

Saw a bike outside the gas station in Ogilvie, MN (population 247), but its rider left before I could meet him. Ran into him in a few miles and we rode for a good 20 miles together. His name is Lucas. He was cool. Interaction was nice on the mostly boring highway.

A pic before Lucas and I parted ways at Isle, MN.

Lake Mille Lacs is big, and puts off a big wind.

Only flat of the day. Super slow leak that I wanted to blame on the rougher service road I was riding around the lake, but upon further inspection it was my own crappy rimstrip installation.

One last water stop in Garrison. I was a little dizzy before this stop as the sun had come out and I was pedaling into a pretty burly headwind, but this was really the only time I felt like poo.

Arrival at 1:20 PM.

The dye in my gloves bled into my palms, which was sorta fun.

My man-tan was made even more supreme with the day’s ride.

Rode a couple dirt roads and trails the next day.



Let’s just say I won’t be trading any of my bikes for one of these anytime soon.

Overall, the ride went as smoothly as I could’ve hoped. Didn’t bonk, didn’t get too dehydrated, was able to keep a 15ish mph pace most of the way, the scheleste Schwinn performed superbly, had a great time with friends who were working at camp. Good stuff. Oh, I did wish I had chamois butter. Next time.

epic farmer tan

fucking awesome, so jealous and impressed.

i enjoy your photos

We have the same gloves! Awesome pics!

Looks like it was a great time! Loving the Schwinn, too!

Did you wear a bag, too, or were the panniers/bar bag sufficient?

The panniers and bar bag were sufficient for my food, tools, rain gear, change of clothes, shoes, book, and tobacco.

Oh, and I think this bike fits me the best of any I’ve ridden. I think I’ma ride it to teh grocery store before work!

Awesome dude, you inspire me.

i love seeing people get up before sunrise to go biking in the rain.

(i also love seeing cartoon whales vomit)

Who doesn’t!!!

this is great

NIce one elderberry!

But did you ride back?

Ooooohhh, I knew that was gonna come up. No, I did not. I was going to, but some friends were driving back the same day I was planning on riding back and I decided that leaving at 11:00 by car sounded better than another pre-5 AM takeoff by bike when I had to work at 3 in the afternoon.

Yep, I’m a poseur.


Fuckin’ pussy.

suddenly, the sound of overarching disappointment

PB+B win.

cascadia fenders for the win tho

this rules. it made me stoked on the idea of doing a long touring-ish ride which i’m never that into at all. looked real fun, man.