2001 Cannondale R1000 $400 deal or meh

I am looking to get a road bike in the next few months. I am not sure if I should be looking for a nicer frame, or a decent components to start with since I can always upgrade components or switch frames when I get the money the line. Also I am not sure which approach I will take buy a complete used or frame and build up with components. I realize this is very subjective, but none the less I ask.

I saw this http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/bik/1300569975.html and thought it might be a good deal for the $$$. Ultimately I will need to use this bike for a triathlon (just once) and would like it to be century worthy. If that C-dale is meh please throw me some food for thought as to what I might want to be thinking about for my build/purchase. I now turn to the wisdom of track.

yeah, i’d say a good deal. i got a 2000 r-1000 for 450 a while back and thought it was a good deal. it wasn’t really what i wanted in a bike, but it was sure a nice bike. i would say you’re looking at a good deal. go for it.

Totally a good deal. That was a top-end C’dale in its day. It’s worthy of racing, tris, centuries, and everything else you can throw at it. It looks like it’s in great shape to boot.

I don’t think you’ll get much better on seattle c list, stuff is expensive! I see its been deleted, hope you got it!

Nope I replied minutes after my post but missed out.

I almost had the wife’s blessing to boot. I will be looking for something similar over the next few weeks/months.

damn, tough luck. if it were here, my size and less fugly to me, i’d have jumped on it, that was a great deal.