2006ish yeti DJ, long (?)

Sad to see this one go, but I haven’t ridden it since leaving Colorado. Really fun bike on pump tracks, and was great for trying out jumps, even if they were tiny tabletops (I never really got a feel for going airborne after fuckin myself up at winter park).

ETT of about 23", so seems to line up with the long size. Currently single speed but could be made geared. I’d probably replace the chain. Fork is a coil pike uturn that feels good but not sure the last time it was serviced. 20mm thru axle. Brake is a juicy 3, works alright for modulating speed. Deity bars and stem are a little scratched up but blue ano so it hits the important needs.

These things list for silly money on eBay and pinkbike, but that doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of the bike. I’d like $650 for it, preferably picked up in Sacramento, could drive it out to the bay area some weekend when I go visit my mom. Otherwise we can work out shipping details, but I’m slow at shipping…


Kinda want, will be in Sac next month… but I shouldn’t.


Ever been to The Garden? This bike would be perfect for that spot.

This thing is sick. I hope it finds a good home

Not yet, but I’d like to!