2010 vuelta thrad

im thinkin menchov or nibali


F. Schleck.

Since I had a pretty good experience with tour tracker, I bought the $15 live coverage thing from universal sport. Excited to have something to look forward to until cross really starts heating up.

Look at you rich ass teacher throwin money around. Still figuring out how to do this. It airs through the air here but not through my dish so can’t record. I might be need to track down 15 bones too. Sup Rich Kyle?

Nighttime TTT? What?

Yeah. Coverage starts at 1:00 PM PST!!!

:colbert: 4am here

Fucking Australians.

whoa nighttime TTT looks cool

Night TTT is kinda cool. It makes it harder to watch the action

Okay, now my interest is piqued. Good to see Garmin get their asses handed to them in the TTT by HTC-Columbia. Fuck those guys. HTC is motivated. I’d like to see TGV contend for the GC. Liquigas, as ever, puts in a strong showing.

Did not like.

Cav keeps the jersey all the way to Madrid.

What the Hutarovich?

For serious.

Cav gets his ass beat in a pretty generic flat sprint? What the hell? I mean, it’s awesome, but what the hell?

Man, Gilbert’s acceleration today was pretty awesome.

Glad to see him finally pick up a win. He had pretty good form in the spring that never really translated into much success.

…he did win the gold race, decent classic that.

Mighty jump today, and he’s saying he’s not really in shape :confused: