3-4 month old Everwear still chirps when I skid.

What the farck?

Anyone else running this is the back? Shit is annoying and scares the shit out of people, which actually comes in handy because I usually only skid when people dart out and I’m moving quick-ish.

Anyone actually worn through an Everwear yet? I’ve heard of the sidewall thing, but I’ve only had one blowout from hitting a curb too hard. The rubber looks the same as when I bought it in fuckin May.

OT: you guys ever think about where all the rubber goes? my brakes (cantis) squeal like crazy if i hit them hard, which is good, b/c that means i’m trying to avoid a crash.

I don’t know exactly what you mean by chirp, but all my tires go through periods of making various sounds. The sounds come and go as you wear through the tire. You can try rotating it a couple of teeth. I rotate my tire every other day just to evenly wear the tire.

Also, I’ve been through many everwear tires, but mostly when I was first learning to skid and just went as fast as I could and skidding as far as I could. Now that I don’t do show skids I’ve had this everwear tire lasting like almost 2 months now. At one point I went through an everwear every 1-2 weeks. I now skid well.

my everwear has lasted at least a couple months now. Granted I don’t skid much, but there still isn’t any sign of squaring off, at all.

For the love of god! You think an everwear lasting 2 months is good? I’d go broke if I went through a tire every two months. For the last 2-3 years I was commuting brakeless every day through the city, and I would only have to skid hard once every few days. A skip every now and again was all I needed and I would get 3 months out of a gatorskin. After the first few years of doing it constantly, skidding got old and I found that I didn’t need to. Unless you’re bombing all the time or you’re doing it for fun, once you have good technique you won’t have to skid.

Yea the only times when I skid are when I am bored and think it would be fun or down really big hills, but even that is just little skips to check my speed.

I wouldn’t worry about it. You are stopping the wheel at speed. That may produce a little noise when it brakes traction. Just keep an eye on the tire and be prepared to replace them. I rode a bike with the Everwears once. I found them to be wanting a bit in ride quality, but the kind of durability they are intended for is low on my priority chart.


No, I’m not saying two months is good, I’m saying the fact that I can’t even tell that I’ve ever done a skid on the tire after two months is pretty neat, but whatever.

the only time I ever skid is when I am drunk…I had a set of maxxis refuse last a year…that is with my drunk skids every once i awhile

What’s with the names of maxxis tires?
I had a pair of detonators once and they quickly found their way into the refuse bin.


so 3 months out of a gatorskin is good?

I got an everskid today and the thing is silent. It is sort of wierd.