48x17 Club Kids only.

You know who you are. I know you are out there. I believe that you owe us a round of applause. This gearing is the best.

its ok.
but 44x15 is better

[quote=GRHebard]its ok.
but 44x15 is better[/quote]

Ah, but alas, you only have fifteen patches with that ratio! 48x17 has seventeen patches.

my 53x19 club kid beat up your 48x17 club kid.

fuck skid patches.

48x17 is awesome regardless. fucka 44t… who needs that? id just end up having to take that shit off all the time.

with a 48t, you can run 48x14-17 on the same length of chain.

go to bikeforums and eat shit.

46x17 we rule the streets


Been running that for a good 1.5 years now. Before that I was on 48x17 though.

Pros of 53x19:
-People who don’t know gearing think you’re the FUCKING MAN because you have a large c-ring.
-19 skid patches of death.
-More teeth=better chance of killing small animals that get trapped in your drivetrain.

[quote=GRHebard]its ok.
but 44x15 is better[/quote]
I belong to this club

48x17. Everyone else get the fuck out.


28x10: non pc sloganeering here


All day today.

Killin’ it.

48x16 here, getting a 15 or 14 tuesday. Miami doesn’t have hills.

remove a tooth: add 2mph to your speed

when I do get a new bike, im lookin at getting some sort of ridiculous gearing like 53x19

doo it