56cm Specialized Seqouia

56cm Spec Seqouia, beige, 11s wet 105 (the ugly shakes era), some scrapes here and there. Currently has 1.95" Spec tires, I can also include the stock tires and some Some Supple Vittles should you want variety. I replaced the dumb stock bars with 46cm somethings I can’t remember the name of right now. No rack or basket included though.

I’ll have it boxed up by a shop too.

$1000 + ship

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If you’re gonna keep the rack can you pm the deets? Would you be open to selling it?

Good luck finding the bike a home. I really like mine and I’m sure the next owner will be very happy!

Sorry, rack and basket stay with me for the next bike.

It’s just a Rawland rack and Wald 137 though, nothing special

If this is still around in a month…

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Damn. I need/don’t need that bike so much. Especially at that price.

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It’s not as fun as a minivelo so it’s ok

Bump, buy this so I can spend money recklessly on something new and stupid.

Will trade for Ampeg stuff.

Bump. $900 plus ship.

Bump $800 plus ship

jesus christ someone buy this

For real, I’m not riding it and I hate letting stuff sit unused.

Buy me

Look into the mirror Ryan.

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i need someone to do it before i stop being cash poor

Bump. It’s gotta go, for real. I’m looking at knee surgery this fall and won’t be riding much more, if at all, for a long while.

I’m confused as to why nobody is buying this bike.

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i so want someone i know to get this deal. mind if i let’s my coworkers/neighbors know at this price/maybe whatever the second most recent price is?

Sure thing!

@bobson’s_doughnut how tall r u?