650bx48 Compass Switchback Hill Extralight (pair)

A used gear shop has two pair of these. One pair blackwall, one pair tan. They are used, with some bit of tubeless sealant remnants inside. The file tread is fully intact, looks like these were very little ridden.

All “summer” stuff is on sale, these are $25 per tire.

Anybody interested? I don’t really need them myself, but hard to pass up.

Yes, I would take all four!

but I should probably let Squirrel get one of the pairs so we can rescue him from the non-grippy clutches of the orange Gravelking SKs

All yours babby. I’ll go purchase them tomorrow assuming they are still available.

damn, scooped!

if one of the pairs ends up available I’ll take it, either one is fine

I’m good, I already have an older non tubeless version I could put on if the mood strikes me

Oh honey, they’re all non-tubeless versions :heart:


I will gladly take two off of your hands Fred

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sure pal