700x 25/28c tires with BROWN sidewalls?

I’ve got an older panaracer tire with brown sidewalls that I like a lot, trying to find some similar looking ones.

I’m not talking about tan or gumwall colored sidewalls, but brown. Brown is proving to be far more elusive than I thought.


Conti GP is browner than most. After a quick, not at all thorough investigation of the QBP catalog, it doesn’t look like they carry any. That doesn’t mean that none exist, though.

gatorskins have brownish sidewalls, and come in those sizes.

yea, i’m aware of gatorskins, i’d like to use that as the last resort though.

Panaracer Extreme Duro? they call the sidewall “mocha”… other photos suggest it’s brown.

Panaracer Tourer in 26c but the tread is ivory:

i guess i have an unattainable tire quest

I’ll vouch for the extreme duro. Definitely brown. But I’ve never seen them stateside. I get mine in thailand.

Yeah ive looked at those before but never bought any. Theyre only about 30 bucks too.

I had a set of Continental Ultra 2000’s like 5 years ago that had a super dark gumwall. They definitely looked brown.

armadillos are pretty brown, some say its reddish. its indian brown…

http://biketiresdirect.com/productdetai ... C&ssn=7889

edit: whoops, out of stock

+1 Just looked at mine and it’s pretty brown.

The Extreme Duro may only be $30, but they felt ok. I wouldn’t skid on them a lot because they’re pretty sticky and probably won’t last too long on the back. I was a big fan of the smooth tread.

Has anyone actually seen a Panaracer Tourer in person? I have seen them linked on forums several times but I have never seen one for sale.