700x28c knobbies?

Know of any and where to get them?

http://www.rei.com/product/709112 http://www.sportaid.com/catalog/page33.shtml http://www.everybicycletire.com/Shopping/c-23-28.aspx

^ - Most of those aren’t really knobbies. All the cross tires seem to be of the hybrid-variety, and you linked a whole page of wheelchair tires.

Anyway, I used to have a pair of 700x30 Michelin Mud tires that were closer to a 26-28c, definitely NOT as wide as a regular 30c. The tread was nice and aggressive, and I was able to fit them on my IRO without incident.

wheelchair tires are awesome

Thanks! Those Muds look like they’ll do the job. I got some 35c cross tires only to find out they wont fit with the fenders. doh.

Take the fenders off and wrap everything in trash bags.

But yeah. Those muds are great.

i love my michelan cyclocross mud2s perfect for the snow we’re getting here.

panaracers ftw.

Any particular panaracers?

The crossblaster comes in 700x31c, has good knobs.
The crosstown goes down to 700x28c, a little more slick, but you could run 'em in loose dirt/light mud/rain.
I use t-servs on my rainbike/commuter underneath raceblade fenders, 700x32.

I just really, really love panaracer tires. They haven’t let me down at all yet.

The crossblaster looks super-tough, and may have one of the coolest names of any tire ever.

I’ve got the t-servs in 25 on my rain/winter bike. I like 'em overall, but could definitely go for something a bit wider in these trying times.

EDIT: A pic of the 'blaster

Thanks! The Crossblaster looks decent. Very similar to the Mud2, but with larger knobs. I’m going with Mud2’s though since they’re a bit smaller and clearance is critical for this project. If anyone else is in the same situation, the lowest price I’ve found on both of these tires is here: http://worldclasscycles.com/cyclocross_tires_cart.htm

Awesome, let us know how they work out for ya.

So the Mud2’s are definitely wider than 28c, but they aren’t as wide as the first tires and I was able to get them to fit with some fender and frame modifications. Surprisingly not much clearance on this bike despite the original wheels being 27"

These are REALLY nice tires, though. Almost zero snow accumulation and they grip quite well even in this dry powdery mess we’ve got outside.