A Fistful Of Post ATMO (old)




In today’s episode of bad photoshops…




In today’s episode of bad photoshops…[/quote]

Seriously? I don’t understand why. And road clipless at that.

Can’t wait to see a guy on the MUP walking like a duck in five fingers.


date: the first of april.


The obvious tip off right there. Also, 2014 and I haven’t seen them on a MUP anywhere.


The obvious tip off right there. Also, 2014 and I haven’t seen them on a MUP anywhere.[/quote]

ah god. forget I said anything.


I have seen guys riding flat pedals in 5Fingers on the mup.


Just to elevate the image to its full Lovecraftian horror, I’ll assume that they’d wrapped their toes around the front of the pedals like chubby rubber talons.


Having worn five fingers (they make excellent paddling shoes) I can say from personal experience I would not want to pedal in them at all.


It’s weird to see Simpsons branded items in 2017. If you scroll down there appears to be an entire line of apparel that pairs with it. All made in Europe for the European market.


I know State Bicycle Co was making some. I bought some donut sprinkle bar tap and it was the worst bar tape I ever bought.


Squirrel I got a few of those bottles as a gift for our pal Gary

a simpsons superfan that was using gatorade bottles in his cages a lot


I’m a Simpsons superfan, but that’s a bridge too far, even for me.


TC:I understand maybe 1/20 of the simpsons memes you post on Facebook. I like them a lot just for that fact, I think.



Tzu sing just showed up on this French electro podcast I listen to


Ask him why no good 650b options.


Lol, way to go buddy, ruining the Bellingham tweed ride group photo with your fluorescent yellow sash


Old dude is gonna olddude.


that little school crossing guard bandolier is definitely gonna save his ass from getting laced by a texting 42 year old in a GLS


We have our tweed ride on Sat. This reminds me that I need to go get a new tweed suit from goodwill, mine doesn’t match up properly.