A Fistful Of Post ATMO (old)






Glad that’s cleared up then.


Pubes has chainring bolts?



those were all things i had in my desk at work, except the newbaums which was in my car. but the car was also at work.

hope this helps.


will there be availability this holiday season?


I was gonna ask who the fuck buys tic tacs anymore, but then there’s pubes, so there you go.



Amazing. :bear:


Always be knolling




is that styrofoam lasercut? looks lasercut.


And when he peels off his mask, he’s really Bruce Gordon!


And he would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for us pesky kids.




Pubes and Donald Trump.


Pubes and Donald Trump.[/quote]

TIL that bicycle pubes is a car salesman.



I have the home-field advantage of being close enough to hand-deliver my entry to Mike (meaning I can even make a scale replica with toothpicks and gum, or something). Which terrible idea should I pick?

  1. Shameless Hakka knockoff in steel
  2. Low trail 650b something something
  3. klunker
  4. ???


2 and 3