A photo from the best bike ride of my life

Grey also happened to ride 2 wheelies during his first bike ride. I think I’m starting him off right.

Just saw this and meghan’s Looks super fun.
I like that his feet are tied down, probably fearful that he will kick you and demand that you go faster.

Dude that’s tremendous. Just tremendous

:bear: :bear: :bear:

nate such a rad dad.

One of my earliest memories are of sitting in the kid seat on an English bike in British Guyana with my aunt as the pilot. I clearly remember the bike and seat, and going to the zoo.

Good times for Gray and Ray!

[quote=1percenttruck]:bear: :bear: :bear:

nate such a rad dad.[/quote]

That’s awesome Nate.

soon he’ll be going clipless in that thing

That photo rules.

That’s so rad. I was going to come in here and be snarky about whatever photo it was but uh, I just can’t.

i can, put a helmet on
ya dengus