A stupid question: should i build these wheels?

Talk me through my last minute cold feet tarckbike: Would it be awesome or really goofy to lace some 32 hole Mavic MA2s to an Ultegra hub in back, and a big old Shimano 3d71 generator hub in front? This is going to be a wheelset on my crosscheck for commuting on weekdays and distance riding on weekends. Alternatively I could just lace the generator hub into the front rim of my existing heavier touring wheelset and save the ma2s for something else.

What’s the other rims you’d possibly use?

I say go for it though. I’m a huge fan of unconventional but practical things.

They were a utility rim, right? Your use sounds pretty utility.

There is nothing goofy about lacing MA2s to an Ultegra hub and an Ultegra-level hub.

I wouldn’t go crazy trying to track down MA2s for this build, but if you have all the parts on hand… sure.

Do it. They’ll be fucking great.

Thanks all, i’m doing it.

Cool, I’m looking forward to a review of that new light.