Aerospoke Group Buy Final Order Info and Pricesheet

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on the phone with aerospoke right now. it’s over.
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Stickyfied. Best of luck to yalls.

Wait do I see disc brake aerospokes?

you do indeed see disc arr0spok!

oh shit. if i just didn’t get tatt’ed up today i’d be in on this.

we’ll see what my next pay checks are like… i work three jobs, so maybe i’ll work a few extra hours this week and be able to get in on a uber-tarck front wheel.

this is seriously for real? like you’re not ripping us off? i haven’t been keeping up with the other thread since i read all the posts from the first day.

I have to admit I am slightly tempted by the thought of dual Arr0spok on my new Redline Conquest Disc-R build. That would be nutty. I don’t have $600+ to drop on that kind of silliness though.

For $600, you could easily buy a nice set of used carbon wheels, or any number of other top-end wheelsets, but there’s really no use pointing that out here.

Can we do a raffle?

Can we do 2 raffles?

The frame I was referring to is built for disc brakes though. Not too many 130 spaced disc wheelsets out there, and with no braking surface to wear out it would be slightly less stupid, but yeah. I think I ended up spending $90 or so on the wheels I bought for it and they will be fine.

hmm i might go in on this after i win that raffle

This is way too tarck for me.

If you win…please don’t put an aerospoke on. Think of the children

I’m gonna has arrOspOk.
I’m aerostOked.

in, sadly. just sent ppal for road front black QR.

I thought this forum was for people who made fun of things like aerospokes…

Can’t we make fun of ourselves?

is there 650c track front?

All the wheels are available in clincher?

I’m sure this is just their joke group buy.

So what’s the deal for the colors? Is there some list of their colors, or you can just pick anything?

[quote=“GRHebard”]is there 650c track front?

All the wheels are available in clincher?[/quote]

no 650 all clincher