Affinity Pursuit

I was riding a Cannondale Capo for 6 months doing messenger work until I cracked the top tube at the seat tube weld.

It’s nice to be on a steel frame again.

Seems to be a lot less asses here than RBR, I think I’ll stay.


:bear: :colbert: :bear:

I really love those frames.

A RBR exile? Whoa… we are getting notoriety.


I was on the verge of getting one of those. I asked for a final cost for shipping and all before I sent the paypal and they never e-mailed me back.

How is it as a city ride?

It’s nice, I like it a lot. Especially coming from the rattly and stiff Cannondale. As much as I liked it, this is much better for the city and longer rides. Almost as stiff, but much nicer on the ass.

Gonna stop using these wheels once I have money again. Too heavy. Arrospok is 4lbs with a tire or something like that and the Deep V isn’t far behind at around 3.2 or something.

I’m thinking of going a set of Ellipse’ for shitty days and most daily riding and getting a Nimble Crosswind to make the hipsters sneer even harder and for the track as well as maybe getting a Hed Jet.

The frame + fork are pretty light, probably 6lbs tops. I tihnk it could easily be a 17lb Tarck beast with the right wheelset/drivetrain.

I think “beast” captures this bikes track potential perfectly… missfitting, ill shapen, sluggish and of sub-standard intelligence(in this case in it’s design).


“Paint pen and string does not a bicycle make.”

I almost put this bike on the jackass thread when it went up on Velospace a few days ago. Sorry.

You should come to the base of the Williamsburg Bridge one day to really see some jackass thread worthy bikes, if mine is that bad.

However that’d be a bit of a trip for you.

Indeed it would. When I did live in New York, I seen plenty worse, I’ll give ya that.

Not to dig up a dead post… but I’m going to do just that.

I just picked a 60cm up in grey. I’m pretty excited to see how it works out. I really like the look of it even though its a fake “pursuit” geometry. Still rather aggressive though. I hope it doesn’t weigh a fuck ton.

it’s a bit ostentatious, isn’t it?

how so… The only thing I can think of is the decals which I’m pulling off anyways… flat gray isn’t very ostentatious in my book.

I just like the way the frame looks… its just like any other cromo run of the mill frame set only with a goofy seat tube.

yeah… it’s the decals for sure.

I now have a grey one and the decals are under a clear coat, over the powdercoat.

The black one pictured above has been destroyed.

I love mine, the frame itself isn’t very heavy for 4130. Smooth ride, really fast and has aggressive enough geo to make it ride kinda twitchy (fuck i hate that word).

If I didn’t have an aerospoke on the front It’s probably be around 18/.18.5lbs. Right now it’s sitting at 20lbs. The above build was 21lbs.

fuccccccckkkkkkkk clearcoat… you ruined all my plans… fuccckkkkk. Well… I guess the poor man’s paintjob will have to suffice for a bit (e-tape).
for some reason I heard the decals were removable… I guess that’s only the new 08 ones.

you ride a 60cm right… how bad is the drop from center of ST to the HT? It looks rather doable to get a comfortable ride. I’m 6’ 3". I just love the look of the TT though. so tarck.

Why drops on a “pursuit” bike?