All things MTB (old)




Sold, well, tentatively sold my evil following (dude is awaiting military backpay, but sent me $100 friend and family to hold it).
I decided to go full park for upcoming trip to Windham, Killington, Thunder mtn, and maybe 1-2 more in NE bike parks.

Recent build, good spec. All air stuff, which should be easy enough to tune vs coils and weights and shit.
I wish tarck were here for the last week as I tried to decide on a bike. Wrapping my head around shorter reach on most dh bikes (until really the last year). I mean, I kinda get slack and 200mm means wheelbase is longer, but XLs with 447 reach had me scratching my head.
Intense has 460mm reach, which seems better than most. Dude built it up last year, only put a few rides on it.

Now have to find sup a bike, too.