All things NuMTB thread, now lower longer and slacker

I’ve been riding the Ergon GA3s. They’re great. I have wrist problems (broke the left one a couple of times) and paddle grips feel much better.

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I haven’t gotten paddle grips to work for actual MTB, and the rounder versions of ergons end up being even fussier to setup for me

I had been using Deity Supracush and Slimfit grips which have really soft rubber and great engineering of the inner plastic sleeve to not compromise the grip functionality for the lockon feature, but wore them out fast on MTB from the softness.

I got a few of the PNW Loam grips to colormatch the pedals and was surprised how much I liked them, the chevron pattern works really well to deform just right

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ODI Elites are my current fav

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I tried the Deity Knuckleduster after Frank posted about them and really dig them. Also tried a DMR Deathgrip just to compare since they seems so similar and I think the knuckledusters feel way better? TBH I’m kind of confused as to where the waffle part is supposed to go so maybe I need to rotate the DMRs differently. I’m glad you posted this because I finally remembered to ask about the rotation at a time that I’m not actively pedaling my bike and touching them.

Wife has those Ergon on her mtb since she mostly uses it for bikepacking. She swears by them for long rides like that.


I have huge hands and enjoyed the Wolftooth Fat Paw, but in the end I dither too much so went back to lock on grips. So far Ergon work well for me, I run the paddle ones for my long adventure days.

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these came stock on my bike and I think they are fine? not sure what problems I would solve by changing

The diamond file pattern part makes my bare hands feel funny, almost a little painful except I’m kinda into that. Once I put gloves on I stop thinking about them.

They’re just grips, it really doesn’t matter unless you’re getting numbness or something. But that’s why it’s fun to try new ones?

Plz post your grip rotation/orientation.

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I also don’t like the Deathgrips. Came on wife’s bike (same as Wednesday), so I tried them. Just didn’t vibe at all.

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My hands seem to hate MOST texture patterns on grips. This is why I settled on ESIs. Dunno why they’re such sensitive baby hands. I generally have pretty calloused hands too, but /shrug.

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i have these which are close to ODIs but thicker

Can y’all just tell me what part of my hand should contact the waffle pattern on these multi pattern grips?

Waffles point down so your fingies grip em

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Anyone ridden a YT Capra?

Ok thank you I think that’s how I set them.

@jeffro I considered a YT before getting a China carbon bike but I heard that their US warranty service is abysmal.

Gonna give the Supracush a try.

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I ended up buying the YT, a 2021 Capra. Seller was a nice guy, and I might have robbed him just a little. Must have had some upgrade-itis when the bike was brand new, because it has a very unnecessary OneUp carbon bar with matching pedals and an insane I9/Stans rear wheel. He gave me the original DT rear wheel, too.

$2200 for it all.


pretty sure there’s nothing to not be stoked about on that one. get it!

Damn TIL my mtb hero Dylan Stark went and got stem cells injected into his ankle for $18,000 at a Mexican clinic and also stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol.

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And then he doesn’t get Rampage invite. See, kids, giving up drugs and alcohol isn’t worth it.

sounds like Rampage is really losing its clout what with not inviting dylan stark and also women