Almost Free Crap

Things you might want that I don’t. Cover the shipping, or I’ll trade for your unwanted electronic projects, i.e. Chromecasts or RasPis.

Top: Swobo wool jerseys, were size large, have slowly shrunken over 20 years to be medium, but not 6" skinny guy medium. (they’ve lost more in the length than the width). Some have holes, some are faded. Darker orange and grey are long sleeve. More than functional as base layers, or rock the beausage.
Left Middle: OR overmitts, large
Middle: OR Peruvian Windstopper cap, medium
Left Bottom: Avalanche grid fleece top, long sleeve, medium
Middle Bottom: Radwear flagger gloves, knuckles are reflective, large-ish
Right Bottom: Novara women’s cycling baggies, XL

Garmin GPS II Plus

Works fine, just not super fancy anymore. Can take an external antenna. Comes with some oddball interface cables and spare plugs in case you want to connect it to something and read the GPS serial messages.