Amazing Touring Photos

fucking epic

Badass award.

Those guys were carrying so much shit.

Yeah you gotta wonder why they needed so much stuff. I guess a lot of camping gear has gotten smaller, but still with four bags I felt so overprepared.
Edit: anyone want to go touring?

Look at all of that shit.

I guess there were no cell phones back then, and they didn’t want to risk being undersupplied in the Alaskan backwoods.

Plus, you gotta remember this wasn’t a weekend touring trip. This was a couple months of touring, in a lot of country with few people.

The bottom half of this picture should answer that.

seems ridiculous to carry that much water. dried soups or grains seems so much more efficient, but then again maybe they weren’t planning on being dependant on heating.

The bottom half of this picture should answer that.


Not sure how they fit that lady into all their bags.

They cut her up first?

It was 1983 - you couldn’t just walk into REI and buy freeze-dried food back then.

that must’ve been one hilly fucking tour… but it looks fun as hell. the camping at the end of the day must’ve been so relaxing.

I was under the assumption they had cous cous, quinoa, rice, and dried soups back then, but then again I could see there being a lack of such things the farther away from taste one travels.


[quote]After my 1976 tour I converted the bike into a one of a kind custom touring bike:
-Frame stripped of puke yellow paint, sent to Sam Braxton in Missoula, MT where he added braze ons before returning it to me along with Braxton touring wheels (40 spokes front, 48 rear along with Phil Wood hubs). I had frame chromed, added a Phil Wood bottom bracket, triple crank set, bar end shifters, cantilever brakes, Blackburn front & rear carriers, & later “low riders.” In this configuration served me well, especially in 1982 when rode from Missoula, MT to Anchorage, AK–a distance of over 3,000 miles of which about 1,500 unpaved. [/quote]

Fucking hipsters. All they care about is chrome and Phil Wood. If it had been around in 1976, he’d probably have SAG panniers.

I’d love to do this one day.

this is great

I think I can safely put a month long tour on the list of things to do before I die. Maybe the summer after I graduate. Tark tour twenty ten? Who’s in?

Only if it goes as well as the tarck group buys

my bike is almost done. this amps me even more.