Amp Research

When I was 13 years old, I made fantasy build-list for ultimate badass mountain bikes. More often than not, the frame at the center of those lists was the Amp Research B4.

please post more badness

This is the bike that survives everything; cars, mother nature, nukes, and even you!




My B3 is in my buddy’s garage in Cali. I need to get it back. Ah, the memories… The B4 was a bit too rich for my poor grad student blood back then. Supergo was clearing out the B3 from the year before on the cheap, and I pounced.

I have an AMP fork on a pretty cool Mongoose IBOC Comp

The bike is a bonded construction aluminum frame. the only welds are to attach
the rear dropouts. When I got it it had IBOC seat post and a fully machined IBOC
flat bar, Kooka Racha levers, gripshifts and a really long flat Critical Racing stem.
I’ve since changed a lot of stuff to make it fit my girlfriend better and function better
…riser bars, shorter stem, V brakes, nine speed, Bontrager racelite tubeless.

dat fork… holy shit.

It was bad ass in its day and still has a following in the weight weenie
crowd. There is a modern version still in production too.

someone locally has one.

I’ve ridden one of those forks on more than one occasion and hated the hell out of it. And this was back when the Rock Shox Indy line was decent stuff.



turtles can’t even survive real life.

i wish i had pics of this shop back home. this old german dude owned the shop and had a pretty large collection of amp research stuff, on display in the shop.