Any dads wanna buy my weehoo trailer.

Any of y’all interested in it? Just picked up a tandem and I’m planning on getting a cargo bike this winter so I’ll have no use for this thing. Giving y’all first dibs on it before I suffer through craigslist or Facebook classifieds.

I’ll take some actual pics after I clean it up later.

YES what $$$

Also you wanna sell in California not ship to the PNW.

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No worries shipping anywhere.

these are the best!!!

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lemme check with my wife to see what she thinks.

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I am also interested.

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Cool, I’ll try to get out to the garage to take some pictures tonight.

First chump with the cash gets it.

Fight to the death

Hey, anybody wanna buy this and then sell it to me in like two years?

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My garage kinda exploded last night trying to move stuff around, still no pictures yet. Sorry dudes.

I accidentally a full vig student loan payment and so I’m OUT.

assuming i don’t make a second one i’ll keep you in my thoughts. not sure we’ll be ready to ditch by 3.5 years old tho