Anybody out there have experience with Bar-End shifters?

I have spent the better part of an hour fiddling with some shimano 9speed bar end shifters I just picked up. They are supposed to be working in concert with a 6500 ultegra RD and a 105 FD.

Problem is, I can’t seem to get 9 shifts out of them. I only get 7. Searching around on the internet didn’t find any working solutions, I am wondering if anyone out there has an answer?

Did you buy 7 speed shifters?

No, they for sure say “9speed” on them. also, I worded that poorly, my fault- They indexing clicks 8 times (so, 9 speeds) I just can’t get that to translate into 9 actual positions on the casette- the first click doesn’t move the derailleur at all, and neither does the last.

this has to be simpler than I am making it. I suspect cable tension or derailleur adjustment, I just need guidance on HOW to actually get it properly set up so those 2 indices correspond to appropriate shifts.

You probably have 7 speed shifters.

Best bet is to file off the extra cogs in back.

Limit screws on the RD set properly?

so far as I can tell, yes. the problem is that even if I open it way up to an unsafe point, the indexing keeps me from shifting enough for it to truly matter. but I actually think I am on the verge of getting it, by fiddling with the barrel adjuster on the downtube I now can smoothly shift through all gears except the smallest cog, which is for some reason still not taking.

is the cable taut on the bottom? Maybe the hanger is bent or something.

My bet is on cable tension.

oh yeah do you have the cable routed properly though the bolt on the derailer? You can change the pull ratio depending on how you route it.

Will it shift the whole range when it’s in friction mode? If it will that eliminates everything but the shifter, if not, the problem is somewhere else (limit screws, cable tension, blahblahblah)

cable tension. check it.

Yep. This sounds like a classic cable tension issue.

Thanks guys- I am fairly certain it is/was a tension issue. the cable was going slightly slack instead of going into the lowest gear. tensioning it up and making sure the cable was properly routed through the derailleur bolt as dutret suggested seems to have fixed the problem. thanks!

Like 3/4 of the shifting problems I see at my shop are exactly what you described.