Anyone from Santa Ana? Deadbeat bidder alert.

I know how you guys hate shady internet deals. Well this dick in Santa Ana BIN my C’Dale track and after the invoice stopped responding to my emails and hasn’t paid.

If you have ever had this happen on ebay, you know how big of a pain in the ass it is.

Did some searching and the dudes myspace is

Anyone know this fucker?

Even if you just feel like writing him myspace messages telling him he’s a dick, that’d be rad.

Paul Nguyen
3514 S. Towner St.
Santa Ana, CA 92707 United States

If anyone lives near here and wants to go tell him what a shithead he is to his face that would also be badass.

thanks tarck.

I’ll round up my crew and we’ll go have a little chat with him…

Or maybe you should just HTFU.

This is taking things a little too far. Sure he’s a dick, but it’d probably be less work on your part if you just relisted the thing. I’ve had that happen on ebay; I reported that shit and let it go.

that’s a little extreme.
just put it back up for sale.

I’m from Santa Ana but sorry, can’t help you.