Anyone of you guys have a foldable bike?

I’ve been out of town and a friend let me borrow a Dahon folding bike. I’m sure I look like an idiot, but they’re pretty fun. Though, I think I’d be wasting my money if I got one… I don’t really need anything to fold.

I’ve seen a few fixed foldable bikes but I was curious what you guys thought, or if you had one?

I don’t have one but a friend does and I’ve ridden it. I never realized how fast they went. The gearing kicks ass. Sure, you look a little tarded riding it, but I think the benefit of a folder outweighs the dorkiness. Plus, once you ride one (and you like it), you’ll stop judging all the other people riding them!

no i don’t, but they look practical

i bought one a few weeks ago fro really cheap ($25) and didn’t have much time to enjoy it before i resold it ($160). i really want another one though.

for $100 plus profit, i’m sure you do…

haha. i just couldn’t resist reselling it. i needed the money. i would have preferred to keep it though, folders are cool. the next one i come across that i can afford i’m hanging on to.

my only expereince with them is couples who block the road and ride at 5kmh, are clueless about whats happeneing around em, and wont let me pass…and the cars are just whizzin by…makes me nervous.

but if i saw some guy cruising through toronto kicking ass and taking names in traffic, that would be cool. if it was fixed that would be badass as shit.

I’d really like to own a Bike Friday tandem eventually.

tarckface we live in the same city, and I feel the same way- even though I really want a folderbike.

tarck bear does not approve of practical bikes :bear:


I want of the old Bianchi ones but they always sell for way too much.

at the bike shop i used to work at we built up a full titanium seven tandem with couplings for folding , the frame broke into three partsm and it only put the owners back 16,000

edit, i did ride it though with another guy from the shop it was fast as shit.

I rode this about 60 miles in 3 days in portland during MBW recently. It was pretty sweet, I want to make a suitcase/trailer for it next time so I can just fly in and ride away instead of taking the train/bus.

I really want a Traveler’s Check. Doesn’t really fit into what we’re talking about right now, but yeah. I really want one.