anyone used this light or seen it in person?


600 hours on 2 AAs is a shitload of runtime and it would mount nicely under my CETMA rack, which would be good because the CETMA is getting in the way of my current bar-mounted light. Plus I’m always forgetting to charge the stupid thing.

no, but i want a bullet light for my cruiser sooooo bad.

Looks rad, let us know if it actually works

Velo Orange is like 10 min from me, if I happen to stop by and remember this thread I’ll try and check to see how bright it is. I’ve been in there once or twice and the guy sells really nice shit so I would have a tendency to say that its probably worth the 18 bucks. -2cents.

That would be totally sweet.

I’ve seen the Spanninga taillights up close and they’re pretty nice. Right now it’s a toss up between this and their cheaper bottle dynamo setup.