are these SIDI Dom's (ID help plz)?

i found some sidi’s on craigslist, but dude didn’t know what model they were. they look like dominators to me, but i can’t tell, and i figure all of their mtb shoes probably look almost the same. anyways - i’d appreciate it if someone could ID them for me so i don’t have to bike all the way over there (far).

p.s. they are listed for $75, and size 10. i wear a 9.5 but i need some more room for the winter socks, i think. deal or no deal (i’m thinking deal)?

They certainly look like them. I don’t think they put the buckles on their lower-end shoes.

Those are dominators and in great condition. Snag them!

hehe! thanks for telling me what i need to hear. i can’t really afford these right now, but i don’t think i have a choice… must buy… feet will love me…