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Getting this thread going.

I don’t make much art anymore- i used to be heavy into photography and life kinda drifted me away from it. BUT i also used to spend a lot of time writing my fake name on other peoples property without permission as a misguided youth and still like to draw cool letters.

If anyone wants their name, their partners, kids, friends, businesses, pets, etc. really just about any word- let me know the word, color preferences if any, and i’ll draw something for you! i don’t make enough time to do it so i appreciate encouragement to not totally forget the craft. if you like it and are inclined, throw something in the tip jar. otherwise just enjoy having it! shipping a piece of paper don’t cost much.


I would love to see some tags from you! Got any old cellphone pics of illicit wall illustrations?

Repeating myself from the buying shit thread;

Hi! If anyone is serious about purchasing prints from me thats really seriously flattering.
Between my personal website and my flickr account theres a good bit to churn through.

My go to is Costco’s online print service, which means things get shipped straight from them to you, and for an online lab its all archival inks and paper, lots of size options and the prints look good.


most of my wall work is hiding somewhere on an external drive that may or may not still work. on walls it was mostly about tags and nothing pretty- just philly hand shit.

i did a lot more artistic stuff on paper but i’m not uploading any previews here until one of y’all bites. more fun this way :slight_smile:

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@jawn_doe Face or Tarck or both or neither on a piece of paper please. I’ll hang it in the bike dungeon.

@johnasavoia I’m going to go shuffle through all the photo threads because you definitely posted something I’d like to own as a print.

I also have piles of prints under my bed that my partner made in college if anyone wants to trade.


you got it. you’ll get some combination of face, tarck, and/or neither. we’re apparently buying a house this weekend so it might take me a little. also i hate the letter F (drawing it, anyway) and kinda hate T (at least at one end or the other) but so far a quick sketch says tarck could maybe pop

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I would love to make a basic t-shirt for the ride group I started a couple years back. We obviously haven’t had any rides during covid-times but I’m hoping to start back up this summer and it would be dope to have a shirt to go along with the reboot. The text I’m looking to have illustrated, in a very fun, stylized, barely recognizable way is High Plains Rangers

Would you be able to make pretty colors for the right price? Or would I scan and colorize on my own?

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i’ll do it colors but it might need some e-touch up depending on where you take it from there. i’ll do some silly stylized legible and see what i can do about a “wild style” and we’ll see how it lands with you. it’s not gonna be super quick tho- we’ve got a busy ass week and face is up first.

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