assorted bag like things

All prices include US shipping

SOLD -Route Werks handlebar bag - good condition, works as advertised, includes the little handlebar stub and quad lock adapter accessories, and I think I have the wahoo and Garmin barfly inserts for the top.

SOLD - Silca Borso eco wallet thing - new but no package, just not quite big enough to comfortably hold a max-size iPhone so I never used it. Will include the freebie co2 inflator they gave me

SOLD - Mori Mono ultra light saddle roll. Used it once and decided it was maybe too nice for me, dunno I’m weird sometimes. Incredibly light weight, made from Dyneema and kind of hard to find. See

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wallet dibs granted!

I’ll take the mori mono, will dm tomorrow!

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tentidibs on the routewerks. if you don’t hear more by EOD it’s not mine

Jimmy beat you to it :frowning:

all for the best tbh

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