Autism Ride

Going to do the 18 mile ride with the boy!

I wish we had a tarckbike trophy for him :bear:

i wish everything wasnt always on saturdays or i would come ride too.

Too bad, we’d love to have you along.

can i make a donation somewhere?

[quote=tom]can i make a donation somewhere?[/quote] :bear:

Yes, right through bikereg,

in matching tarck jerseys?

^ if we had them…well? I don’t know if the Boy us ready for Tarck.

The ride went very well today, weather perfect , good rolling terrain. Zach had a great time. He was a little “sketched out” on one of the busier roads but he did fine holding a good line, in tight, way over to the right ( me taking the lane a few bike lengths back)
I’m thinking the dirt jump bike might handle a little quick for him? Its got a pretty steep head tube. He’s kind of frightened of going fast down paved roads and I notice a bit of a speed wobble when he was in front of me.

Dam it! I forgot the camera! Dumb Dad!

HY! Maybe a longer travel shock on the DJ bike to slacken the HT angle?

^^^I with you, its got a 100mm on it now though. I do have a '94 Marin Nail Trail that he’s grown into since he started riding. Its out with a friend right now but it’s due back. It is or was my winter slush bike. The frame might be a better choice for the Boy.