Automated welding... aka how you make trash.

Someone over at Hkfixed found that video I was talking about a while ago about automated welding…

Start around 40 seconds.

I’m pretty sure I saw your Leader being built in that second video… haha.

Edit: #protestwordfilters

Those wheelbuilding machines are impressive. I’ve always wondered how you could automate something as complicated as lacing a wheel… nice find. ... re=related making BMX frames in Amurrica.

Anyone have the video of the Cannondale framebuilders?

FBM. Totally backed.

This video is pretty interesting. Also, FBM rules.


Awesome videos. I’ve been looking for that 2nd one in the op a while now.
It used to be here.
It’s hard trying to explain that wheelbuilding machine.

That Jack Taylor one was awesome.


machine built wheels are pretty bad. Those are used for cheaper oe wheels.

Almost all pre-built wheels are laid-up by machine and then tensioned by hand.

^ that dude’s sick