Average Speed?

I rode past one of those police sign things where it shows your moving speed as you approach today, and it said I was going 28… which felt awesome because the speed limit was 25 and it wasn’t a downhill.

But that got me thinking what my average bike ride speed must be… I’m guessing between 18 - 20, on just a jaunt through town with a steady cadence… If I had a computer this would be more accurate.

What about you? I realize I kind of can’t ride slow, I get impatient.

I’m sure I’m slow. I don’t need a computer to tell me that I’m slow.

11.8 is what my computer says!

Depends on the trip. I’m in really bad shape, if it’s a sub tarck century I am usually in the 20mph range. Longer and it starts dropping.

My 14 mile trip to work it’s usually 18-19. The ride home is usually like 15, haha. But there’s always a headwind on the way home, and some hills on the different route to get home.

My commute is flat, fairly windy and about 10 miles. A lot of the time, I’ll hammer as hard as I can. I’m really going all out for a little over 30 minutes, which is about where Lactate Threshold should be. I have to slow and stop a few times, but I spend a lot of time between 18-22 with neutral wind. Even with a tailwind, I’m spending a lot of time at 24-25mph and it’s hard to get my average over the whole route above 17mph.

To be honest, I don’t really care what kind of speed anyone can sustain on the road. Conditions can be so variable. I’d be more interested in how many miles you can put down in 30 minutes or an hour in neutral wind. For sustained speed, go to a track and do flying 200s. That’s a more reasonable basis for comparison.

i can hold ~33kph pushing 48x15 on a flat-ass three hour round trip; half with a headwind and half with a tailwind. that’s mainly on an MUP though, with less than a dozen stop points in total. on real roads i find i exhaust myself a lot faster trying to keep up with traffic and failing miserably, not to mention hammering out of intersections.

On my 11 Mile flat commute I usually Avg about 19.5 including lights. Typically I run around 22-23 with no headwind. I usually keep my cadence around 90.

Yeah headwinds suck. I’m not trying to show off or anything… I just ride what feels comfortable for me in my level of fitness. My average ride is probably only like 9 miles non-stop, with longer rides typically having stops along the way, like going through Manhattan one afternoon.

46x18 btw. Spinninnnnnn.

i think my average is around 17-18mph 47x16

i think its important to factor in gearing and terrain.

I run 66" (48x19) and I can average 17mph on flat ground for a double tarck century. If the wind kicks in I drop to about 14.
I went downhill at 35mph once, that was fun. Usually keep it under 25 though.

ant and steve run pretty big gears.

If I can cruise without lights and stuff I can average above 30kph (18mph) for at least 50km (thats the longest I’ve tried so far). I did an 80km ride earlier this year where me and another guy averaged about 31kph, and that was after me telling him to slow the fuck down and still nearly hitting the wall at the end (it’s all good though, I dropped him hard at the end of a long climb later that week). I try to maintain about 24kph (15mph) when I’m just getting around.

I kept my computer showing my average speed for a while. That was really frustrating because what I thought was a strong ride would turn out to be only like 25kph average.

on my usual ride home from work thats a little over 18miles ive been averaging almost 17mph. that includes some 25+mph down hills and like 5 mph uphill sections. 48x16

I think I need to recalibrate my computer.
It said that I sustained around 20 with a nasty headwind on my commute this morning.
That can’t be right.

my best is a 20 mile ride. not sure on the average, but it had to be above 18. rode with a friend, flat no wind, 46 17. spinnnn

I did 30 miles yesterday with an average speed of 17 mph on 48 x 17. Route was mostly flat. Funny that my top speed was a sprint back to my friends house, not down on any sort of incline.

I love having a computer.

when i was in shape i averaged 17 or 18 on 50+ mile rides at 42x13 with a good mix of flats and hills

now i dont eat a lot and what i eat isnt so great, and i dont ride 4 hours a night anymore so i bet i average like 12 now around town.

i got smoked by the dude i paired up with in a race yesterday. he had a bum foot and was only really using one leg. dude was on crutches and i was like ‘no excuses!’ so he went and got his bike then proceeded to school me.

my friend made a video of me bombing a 2 lane highway hill this past weekend… it’s pretty awesome. i’m spinning like whoa. i need to put some stupid song to it and pretend its a MASH video. at one point i knocked on a passing car’s window and waved cuz we were pacing.

No computer for me. The sheer power of my riding can’t be quantified.

I ride with guys with computers sometimes, and I honestly find it kinda annoying, but whatever. In a partner alleycat thing last summer, my buddy and I were doing 22ish in the flats most times, but that was definitely not our average.