awsomer ... Id=3725496

austin 9th st dirt jumping

Totally awesome. 9th street is bad ass. Did you go to that this year? I was there for maybe 20 minutes, wishing I was riding bmx again.

no i forgot about it

Jim why not take your pedicab off those jumps?

so awesomer.

That video was the fucking sickness.

Chase Hawk is all sorts of badass.

damn, they make that shit look so fun/easy.

I wish i didnt suck at riding those things

definitely cool video, glad i watched this time

I didn’t see any backwards circles in that whole video.

that was frickin badass. wow.

Yeah, and what’s with the lack of Aerospokes? This video sucks. I wish it were of some talentless New Yorkers riding slowly in traffic.

Seriously though, it’s hard to imagine a better rider than Chase Hawk.

whoa a car is stopping way up there I could easily slow down in time but SKIDZ

Chase is so good it’s stupid. When he was like 11 he was doing shit in our skatepark that no one else could touch. At 13 the kid had pretty much mastered every ramp in the warehouse and every spot in town he could get to and was already sponsored. Incredible.

I’m getting a BMX over break, that settles it.

Yeah, and what’s with the lack of arr0spok? This video sucks. I wish it were of some talentless New Yorkers riding slowly in traffic.[/quote]

that looks like it would be a blast! pretty shitty time to have crank failure, ehh?

That looks like way too much fun. Sometimes I wish I’d have picked up on bmx instead of skateboarding.

immediately after watching that, i went into my garage and got my bmx bike running again.

that video made me stop watching the bollywood movie i was watching and watch FIT LIFE.

fyi ive got some full length BMX vids i dl’d from google vids a while back. if anyone knows how i can share them and wants them lemme know