Bad ASS 9 Year old! :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

That kid is pretty epic.

That’s insane. it’s like the little Hercules of cycling.

I wish I was that badass. Now.

he’s not riding fixed? wtf!

so like how long was that ride he did or whatever?

That’s no 9 year old it’s a ninja turtle!

“The Mt Washington Auto Road is 7.6 miles in length, has an average grade of 12% with extended sections of 18% and the last 50 yards is an amazing 22%!”

http://www.mtwashingtonbicyclehillclimb ... -This-Race

He used to mess.

that’s cool and all, but 8 miles doesn’t seem that great, plus that bike looked nice.
my roommate’s little brother rides track bikes with us and he just turned 11 last week. We’ve done a 15mile trail multiple times without stopping, and he’s fine…
eh, track ftw

eh, clicked the link. 40mph winds and ice. okay kid is cool

Fuck you, alexv.

(Glad you decided to click the link and not sell the kid short.)

haha, eh. sometimes i read the first post then reply, without reading all other comments completely.

the kid’s doping

why is “ASS” emphasized in the title? It makes me read it like you’re saying he’s an ass-9-year-old.

well, did you see the way he passed all of them old people? :colbert:

more vid

“Second place guy” Is riding my spare rear wheel.

Cool. Very small bike for him though. Even more amazing is how incredibly bad that was filmed. Really mind-bogglingly bad.