Badass President

Is that a motherfucking Rivendell?

bush_lite_mtb.jpg (164 KB)

This is just before he hucked gnar drops maaaaan

President Carter is holding his motherfucking Rivendell Atlantis, which according to the flickr caption, he rides daily.

I know he and his wife ride all the time, but I heard that they just had their bikes stolen. I hope it wasn’t the Rivendell for a variety of reasons, but mostly because when Jimmy Carter was on the Daily Show, John Stewart presented him with two Magnas or something as replacements.

blah blah blah does carter shred dirt on his hobbit cruiser? i think not.

is it sad, that im surprised george bush is riding SPD clipless and not falling on his face?

considering the classic segway faceplant I’m impressed Bush walks without handlers, riding a bike clipless blows my mind

given that he once lost consciousness choking on a pretzel in the white house, i’d say not

Carter’s bike, as well as his wife’s, was stolen back in January. Supposedly Specialized something-or-other.

Stolen from the Carter Center. How lame.

Hillary gots rivendell approved bar height.

gah, beat to it.

In this video about Obama’s jeans, there is what looks like a Kilo TT right in front of the camera at around 1:20.

Hugo Chavez

Presidents and president-wanna-bes alike prefer Sidi’s. Nice size L t-shirt there, freddie.

John Kerry and Jonathan Vaughters

Better shot of Jimmy and his Riv