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That is magical

welp, got a lot of interest on my instagram so I guess I’m going to make a run. Gonna do a run of colorway as seen in teh video and an all black run. I’ll let yall know when they’re up.


Anyone have thoughts on Arkel bags? I can’t find my other Ortlieb. Have some Swift Jr. Rangers in the mail but need something for the rear.

you like compartments? cuz thats how you get compartments

Arkel hook hardware is nice and really lock down on any size rail to prevent rattling (unlike Ortlieb). Never had actual experience with the bags though.

Didn’t realize there was a bag Thread…

Thought I’d post some more detailed photos here in case anyone’s interested. This was my first bag in a while and I added an internal divider (2" velcro strips on each side panel) because the bag is freaking huge and I don’t want it to bulge too much. Seriously it sounds like I’m zipping up a tent when it’s empty

I then realized that any empty holes in the frame needed plugging…

Now I’m thinking I need a real one for that front/lower section


I’ve only tried a few panniers over the years and the Arkels I have are far and above the most secure and easy to attach/detach. If I ever get any other brand of bag I’m definitely adding their hardware.

Good to hear - I’m waiting on a pair of T-42s to arrive.

I ordered them about a week ago from Amlings and haven’t heard anything from them after the order confirmation email. Sent a few emails and called a few times. No answer. Not sure what to do. Supposed to leave on tour next week.

Got the arkel bags today, and they’re great. My tent fits inside, which I was not 100% sure about. The original site I ordered from was out of stock so I had to order direct. We pushed our tour back a week for other logistics reasons but are almost ready gearwise.

I might try to design and make some panniers with a fashion industry friend when I get back to New York. I think there’s gap in the market for touring panniers that actually look good, and I need a project.


I managed to get my dad’s old machine going the other night. It’s light industrial. I’m doing a sneaker building course in the weekend so I thought id better reacquaint myself with sewing incase it’s part of the course. I think I will build a simple half-frame bag too for my tent poles. If anyone has a good resource let me know. I don’t have any materials yet… Apart from a dead Thomson handlebar bag and some tyvek .


Is this more NZ vocabulary or are you really making a pair of shoes? If so that’s awesome and I want pictures.

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Damn I want to make sneakers!

I’ve thought of being that crazy person that makes their own super durable shoes because I’m tired of paying $60 for a pair of vans that fall apart in 2 months.

1 Like there are 3 different courses. The sneaker one is all I can afford currently. I’m excited as hell.
Turns out the woman who runs the school is from my home town, Hokitika, where Eleanor Catton’s “The Luminaries” is based, and she mentored the woman who built the shoes for the TV series which we’ve just watched.


supwife has made a few pairs of sandals and moccasins, I am always impressed when a wearable shoe emerges from all the pattern pieces

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I’ve always wanted to make a calf-high moccasin boot…

@cousinmosquito this is where I started: OG DIY Framebag vid
Most recently I sourced 600D “cordura” from amazon for $6/yd and it’s holding up well. Cheap zipper by the foot is available in the upholstery section of a local craft store.


Thanks heaps!

That was a bit of fun. One day sneaker course. 10 am to 5:30. I was a bit over time as I added a border stitch on the machine just for look, the course is hand stitching only normally, and i had to punch the holes in the toe-caps.


This is where you can download the patterns.

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