Outershell drawcord bar bag $50
Outershell stem bags $20/ea
Revelate gas tank $20
Revelate medium Tangle half frame bag $60
Trap City bar bag made by @Straws years ago $20

Chrome hip bag $20 (I never used it but it has some weird dirt stain thing on the back)

USPS shipping

dibs outer shell drawcord bar bag

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PMd on most of the rest but not the Chrome

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dibs on stems if jimmy doesnt

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That’d be fine with me, I don’t particularly need the stem bags.

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i slept on the swift ones on sierra. sup might appreciate one for her new goofy ebike when it shows up and the clydesdale would benefit

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All gone

oh dangit. yall are fast

What did she get?

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coop gen e jawn from rei if it ever ships. the one with a rigid fork and a perfect platform for a bigant that she refuses to get