Banned at BF?

Just wondering who all is banned permanently.
Im able to post but find that i never really do. I like it here.

I am quasi-banned. I guess my password and email address were changed by Brian, so that I can’t log in anymore. I don’t know why this is preferable to an outright banishment, except that I guess Brian thinks it’s clever.

It is really easy to mask your ip if you want to make a new account.

Not banned, but it doesn’t really matter. I see no reason to post there when there are better options.

I’m not banned but i’ve only posted there once since tarckbike.

You don’t even need to mask your IP to make a new account.

I’m the same.

Nice work brian, real clever. Didn’t think of doing that… you are way smarter then I’ll ever be. I bow to you… :colbert:

my IP address at work must be blocked since i can’t load the page at work, but i can with my home computer. if i am that bored at work i can get on to BF using Virtual Desktop. i voted maybe

I can log in, but I still can’t see SSFG when logged in… it’s been a month. PHag brian

brian probably jerks off to the idea that he made the ssfg forums so gay. it really sucks.

my friends hips, boner_city, and a b seize were ip blocked from bike forums, so in some cases you do.


Nope, and still post in many of the forums regularly

edit: not as much is SSFG anymore

Nope. I’ve gotten pretty bored with it though.

no but its way too dry over there so i came here

No, but I never posted much over there anyway. I will occasionally search for shit if I’m trying to find something out but otherwise, I don’t frequent there anymore.

Nope, I still post occasionally to rag on someone with stupid ideas. I find great pleasure in reading threads by people that clearly have their heads up their asses. The threads that come to mind from last night were the one in the road forum by the guy who was trying to figure out what to do because his wife didnt want him to leave her and their newborn child to go ride his bike all saturday, and the one in SSFG by c0urt about how he wanted to spend no more than 1500 dollars on a frame, but wanted something that he would feel comfortable locking up, and I think he hinted he wanted something with “tri” geometry. I just remember some overpriced shit brick langster was on the list and a FTP and something else. All were clearly the choices to be made on a 1500 dollar budget and lockable…:colbert:

every time they ban he I just make a new account. lolz0rs


Here is my problem with what my user’s state is.

I cannot log in, cannot access my account so basically NitroPye is inaccessible. My posts are all still there, but its as though I am there in frozen state to “pad” the forum and google results no matter how miniscule my amount of posting is.

Quite honestly, I want all my posts deleted in that case and if I remember correctly it is my intellectual property (no matter how stupid the posts are).

I will not email Brian as I sent him a letter saying “do not contact me again less I be forced to go into legal recourse” after the whole calling me thing as emailing him would kind of break that.

Ohh Tooom?

i’ve been banned 3 times, once w/ this sn, and then a couple others.

also, where’s the “only when i’m drunk” option?