Bent cylinders that exist but you wish didnt.


It has an anti-rattle neoprene liner.


I was thinking snacks in jersey pocket, keys/rainlayer/tube/weed in the storage prison

IDK though it’s not like I’m gonna buy one when I have a perfectly good fannypack/bunch of dumbass randobikes.


They do include a neoprene sleeve to cushion that particular ASMR peeve. On second thought, it’s really only good for storing something you would only want to access off the bike, since fuck digging out a tiny canister from around your pedals while trying not to crash so you can get your extra science calories out. The problem of carrying stuff for off the bike access has been thoroughly and completely solved, as evidenced by the overwhelming variety of available bags for every possible budget and usage profile.
What really turned me off is that the bottles look kinda shitty.


Obviously that thing is not ideal for snacks. Could be good for emergency stuff/keys tho. Just another option for storing crap on a bike.


The cage under my Jones’ downtube is devoted to tube/spares/tools. It’s a soft Topeak bottle-shaped-object, and is silent.


why do people hate the little roadie saddle bags so much? just cos they hate roadies?


Because the infinite growth capitalism model requires that you continue to buy junk to replace junk that doesn’t need replacing.


you need that space for your massive internally supported sleeping bag carrier because it’s 2018 and nobody is allowed to have a bike that isn’t also a rolling campsite


I, uh, don’t think people hate little roadie saddle bags. People are snobby about like bike nashbar saddle bags that droop and sway side to side like old man testicles.


i cant fit all the shit i want in a little roadie bag


How are you managing to make french press on a road ride with just the space afforded by a nashbar testicle sack?




Even serious roadies hate saddle bags, for whatever reason. I don’t need that shit in my pockets.


Even serious roadies hate saddle bags, for whatever reason. I don’t need that shit in my pockets.[/quote]

I’m 99% sure that it’s because pro racers don’t use them in races, they have support cars, which some cat3 bozo most assuredly does not when off on a training ride.


they ruin the sweet chairpole lines of the bike.



I like my Yanco Roadrunner tool roll, except it’s a struggle to fit a tube bigger than 700 x 19-28 in it. Carries a multi tool and tyre levers nicely. I might upgrade to one of the Team Dream ones that can fit bigger tubes.

I’m also slow and DGAF about roadie stuff anymore.


I tried a couple of tool rolls instead of a lil roadie saddlebag. They sucked.

Never sat right flush to the saddle rails, badly limited actual cargo space, god help you if you wanted to carry something for which a pocket wasn’t pre-shaped.

I went back to the little Inside Line Equipment quasi-trapezoidal bag that I’ve been using since like, 2011.

edit: I guess if you’re extremely worried about abrasion and you want to bring exactly the equipment for which the bag was made, tool rolls will nominally protect your tubes/fragile stuff a little better


I have a saddle bag on my bike because I use my water bottle cage to hold water bottles because I need water when I ride my bike.


how does the hive mind feel about the speed sleev?