Bent cylinders that exist but you wish didnt.


That’s SO much more elegant than spacers


Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should…


never make when you can just leave the steerer and use one of these. It wouldn’t look as fucked up as that sad dick boner stem

I am glad we all posted so much rage within 4 minutes


TC: There was about 20 seconds where I was waffling on which thread to post.

hmmm… its a cylinder… that is bent … and I wish that it didn’t exist… which is the most appropriate thread… hmmmmmm



Looks like peyronie’s disease


[quote=Shortpants][quote=Andrew_Squirrel][quote=ergott]Surprised this wasn’t posted yet. I know it’s prototype, but seriously?


I thought it was kinda interesting until they got to the part about requiring a high pressure to keep the rollers contacting the cassette… also the fact that they didn’t bother designing the shifting portion before showing it off really bothered me.[/quote]
I feel like this would work better if turned laterally. So the teeth on the chainring were facing outwards. And it might be more reliable if you had more engagement from the bearings to the teeth so have the bearing circle go around the hub and match onto the ring…[/quote]

as someone who’s made more than a few gear, i can say confidently the thing won’t work. what happens when the cylindrical rollers try and mesh with the (effectively) conical teeth?




^ fuckin nailed it


someone must email that to PVD


You learn something new every day