bicycle find of the day!!!

post up your sweet finds of the day.
i scored this sweet turbo form cl for $5 today!



I got a turbomatic in that condtion (its pretty ratty now) and a concor in really good condition for $3.50 each.

I picked up a pair of 8 speed shimano 600 hubs laced up to matrix hoops for $2.00. They’re on my road bike now.

My Miyata was $10 for a complete bike minus seatpost and saddle.

Got a Cinelli Xa for $5.00 and Cinelli 66s for $15.

I got a comotion tandem frame, suzue to araya track rear, campy to ma4 wheelset and some other random rims for free.

We already have a thread like this.

25 Bucks brand new. Ti rails.

in the “fuck off” section?