Biek clawb.

So My friend and I “successfully” created a Bike Club for our highschool and so far its…

My Friend, me, and Mr. Rodgers…

So have you ever made a club regarding teh biek in teh school? teh, eh huh?

No I haven’t but that is pretty rad. I hope y’all get t-shirts, tarcked out tshirts.

I hope… I can only hope. Well Lance ironically is a roadie but he just started to ride fixed so it’ll be a long time till I can convert him to tarck

the cycling club at my college is pretty piss poor.

there’s this mom that walked into my skateshop and told me she needed to buy her son 2 boards. one to skate at the house, and one to skate at school. i found out he’s in 9th grade and their school has a skateboard club, where they all skate after school.

i mean we had that shit too but it wasn’t a club, it was just a bunch of guys that skated and skated afterschool. but these kids get extracurricular credit for it and shit, with like a page in the yearbook and meetings and shit. what the fuck.

Player Haters, Your schools not making skateboarding a curricular club thing back then

i started a club, but it was for dominoes…

and i shared your success as well!!!

when i was in high school i got credit for starting dodge ball club.
to this day, one of my finest moments.

university of utah has a pretty good cycling team :slight_smile:
sadly im the only on that rides fixed, but that doesnt stop me from keeping up with them

we have 2 rides per week. 2-4 hours each. its pretty fun

how’s that cycling team work out? can I “walk on”?

that is so fucking dope.

the website is messed up, so im not sure.
but you can just show up for the rides on thursdays or saturdays. its dope

sweet. I would like to do that sometime if the weather holds out.

word. do it.
ill probably go a few more times before the season ends

fixed gears have been used for off season training for “roadies” longer than any of us have been alive. just because you saw “Lance” in MASH on a fixed gear doesn’t mean shit really. :colbert:

i think Lance is his buddy that he started the club with, not the guy from mash with the stache bars

my school has a nice one, but, then again, its in portland. theres like an overlapping cycling club, for touring and friendly stuff, then also a TEAM for track/road/cross/mtb racing.

UH has a cycling team. they stapled flyers to all the top tubes at all the bike racks. i want to join, it’s only 20 bucks and you get like ride fees and transport fees for the rides. but iunno how it works. not real clear if they race or anything, and i’m chunky and slow and have a semi-track bike.

You should join up with Cougar Cycling, Francis. YOu don’t actually have to participate in racing, you can just do charity rides and come out to play during their training days. Heck, I’d would consider selling you my Masi frame if I didn’t think it’s too small for you.

I ride with UW’s cycling club, even though I’m not enrolled there since I already graduated from a different school. It’s huge, like 40 people at least. Dues are $75 and you get half price on anything made by Trek/Gary Fisher/Lemond, but I haven’t joined yet. For now I just go on rides with them once or twice a week.