Bike Blahg Thread

Everyone can appreciate the All City shade.

Shouldn’t those be about Affinity?

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They’d have sell bikes to someone besides their homeboys first.



Wait are we talking about Advocate Cycles?


Oh shit

wait I like All City Bikes. :colbert:

I’m sponsored by Pubes now. AMA.

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Our consumer culture is so sick and all consuming. Imagine the hollow feeling of pretending to be excited about a handlebar with a logo silkscreened on it.

Mine broke on installation. Complete piece of shit.

The bike industry is going to be royally fucked by Trump’s tariffs.

Alternately, I have thousands of trouble free miles on mine.
(of course It’s gonna break on my commute home now that I said that)

Along with every other larger-than-mom’n’pop business that has import/export

I’ve yet to see this discussed here. Still no subcompact, but at least the hydro levers don’t look like a discarded rendering of an HR Geiger monster.

I wonder how much longer the road shakes will work with hydro mtb brake calipers.

‘The one cruel thing Shimano could do to owners of frames with IS mount brakes…’

Do they currently work? I couldn’t find any good info on what does and doesn’t work on the internet.

Far as I know my cakes will play nice with XT or XTR calipers.

Yeah, I think around the time @Andrew_Squirrel was throwing the Hope calipers aside there was lengthy discussion about mtb calipers and road compatibility.