Bike blerg thread

I was very disappointed when I got my US market top of the line Toto and it didn’t have music/sounds to cover up the pooping. I guess it is a cultural thing.

Should be ambient noise from a pachinko parlor

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How many people y’all think are gonna try this


i think i love it

I laughed uncontrollably when I saw this earlier

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Figured some folks here could enjoy this story. Piecing together a couple of old frames, reinforcing other bits or just linking all the sections up with other carbon.


one of my favorite stories i’ve read in some time, that’s awesome. was eyeing a new road bike to replace my current one; probably gonna keep it as is.



feel like they missed the chance to call these woolly bears


Does it squeal in a triad?


God, what a shitty sad story


i find it hilarious Shimano keeps repeating this mistake. also his test without the pusher to prove Shimano is just faking it is amazing

Sagan needs dropper post lessons

Wonder how they compare to the Continental top contact winter tires. Conti has the advantage for size selection.

i was always curious about non studded winter tires. now I don’t commute so i have no use for these

I bought a set of those Contis last year in order to keep bringing the bike inside during the winter, thinking that someone might yell at me for rolling studded tires over the stone/tile floors in the office, but no one was there to even notice. Now that we’ve moved, and there are folx that might notice, I might go ahead and do that anyway.

I love this guy’s reviews on winter tires. His info here checks out for my experience with them too.