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“My style goals for it is like a Star Wars junk trader speeder bike type of thing, with a bunch of crap hanging off of it. I kind of look like a merchant, like “Sell me your bugs for rubies.””

This was a nice read. Thanks for sharing


I read it twice and skimmed it many times yesterday, will be reading it again multiple times today.

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The part about the nudist camp was adorable.


Click the link to his map in that story or just do it here if you haven’t already. Lots more pics and some short writings from him.


I really enjoy the articles on Escape Collective.

I guess they kept all the good parts of VeloNews after Outdoor bought them?

neat photo tour of the operation that @rancid_burple helped out with:


He’s been the best IG follow for me in a long time.

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he truly cannot stop building more robot automations

surprisingly it turns out it is possible to be “too good at solidworks”


“Ross” makes a cameo too

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engineering by a proper nerd, and I love the salt in this interview

It’s an unpopular opinion, but I think that if your manufacturing business depends on highly skilled people, you don’t have a manufacturing business; you have a talent agency that makes things to pay the bills.

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that’s the one line I rolled my eyes at

if your manufacturing business depends on custom robotics, you don’t have a manufacturing business; you have a talent agency that makes robots that make things to pay the bills


as if he could walk away and let any yahoo off the street run the Ideal Automation


“Click the keys and make it happen, Computer Guy!”


The other part I liked is “if I paid other people to do this, it would cost way more!”

So you’re exploiting yourself, congrats?

(Maybe not an accurate use of this sticker but I wanted to post it anyway)


I think he’s saying that a framebuilder without his skillset and equipment in-house attempting to replicate the process would be forced to pay steep commercial rates on the machined lugs, therefore making the bikes more expensive. partly the irony is his other business that likely still supports Framework is doing that type of custom fab for industry, but that means he’s probably educated about competition in that space

I’m arguing with someone on r/xbiking about the origin of the word “planing” when it used in the context of bikes (no, it was not commonly used in 1980s bike magazines, our boy Jan made it up in 2014). What is wrong with me

Why even go on reddit?


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