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that were designed so that they couldn’t use a FD


Whatever the complaints about the bikes, it seems kinda dumb as a team owner to publicly slag off your bike sponsor atmo.

It aint like companies are beating down the door trying to throw money at pro conti squads.


I guess I didn’t see the race and lack context. He’s mad at 3T because his 1x setup dropped the chain?

Wouldn’t that be the fault of the grouppo?


Yeah, and SRMA


and probably not using any sort of chain keeping device.
In a race where things like this matter.


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if their contract with SRAM prohibits them from using a chainguide or otherwise modifying it in a way that could make it seem like the 1x group isn’t perfect out of the box.


Isn’t shifting discipline a part of racing? Like don’t you know to soft pedal big cog jumps and stuff? Or am I just some sort of shifting savant?

Spoiler. I’m not.

Regular sram groups have come with a chain keeper for a long time. Also there are B.B. mounted chain keepers that exist.


Katie Compton built a whole business around chain keepers.


[quote=ICU81MI][quote=eric_ssucks][quote=ICU81MI]The sports-casual look is en vogue for on-bike endeavors as well.


:colbert: earbuds are sketchy AF[/quote]
Oh, it’s fiiine.[/quote]
Atmo it’s fine if you only use the non traffic side.


I wear headphones when I ride to balance out the feeling of safety and security I get from wearing a helmet.

I wasn’t wearing headphones either of the times I got hit by cars from behind and I didn’t hear either of them coming. And as we all know, when it comes to cycling personal anecdote carries the same weight as a well-run study with a large sample size.


One headphone life.


This. When I lose my hearing in my right ear at a young age I’ll know why.


2 headphones in for commuting and urban cruising. None for proper exercise rides. Fight me.

I keep the volume low enough to hear what’s going on around me. It’s worked out fine so far.


Yurbuds are pretty good for giving you good sound while letting you still hear ambient noise. I wouldn’t wear the plunger style earbuds that seem to be popular because those shut out ambient noise entirely.


All the earbuds I’ve tried are either extra wind noise with no road noise allowed, or extra wind noise with road noise allowed, completely drowning out my metal. Fuck headphones while riding.

Also what kind of boring rides are you going on that it’s improved by whatever schlocky crap is enjoyable over headphones in the wind? Different strokes for different folks.


45 minutes of the same section of springwater corridor, 10 times a week. Podcasts keep me from dying of boredom.


Some of y’all’s inability to accept suboptimal musical presentation seems to be holding you back from a lot of great experiences.


Yeah, I get it, esp on the spring water, especially if you’re in the top 20% speed wise.

And I prefer to enjoy what I’m doing with a natural audio sound track or listen to rad music. I listen to music and podcasts in the car because driving is fucking boring and stupid. My bike rides aren’t.


Fair point


45 minutes of the same section of springwater corridor, 10 times a week. Podcasts keep me from dying of boredom.[/quote]
When I was off the road I was riding laps at the local track in the morning before work at the office. As if I hadn’t been painfully addicted to podcasts before that stint definitely put me into podcast junkie land.

Then back on the road I would one-earbud alternate podcasts and music during work. Probably 75/25 podcasts/music.