Bike Corner pt. 2

couldn’t find the old thread…but new corner for me

i wish i had a camera. we have about 10 bikes in our tiny ass-basement.

shit rules.

Bike corner? How 'bout bike house.

more like bike warehouse

Love the house Rusty, how most of the rooms are ONLY bikes and all the bikes have stickers. Win.

Mah house is redackulous. Bear in mind 3 people live here and one only has 1 bike:

I was standing on 2 frames to take this shot.

The talented one.


Give or take about 6-8 in the attic.

edit: in the sproing I’m gonna sell so much shit.

This was when i first set up my new apt (thus the cleanest it ever will be).
Since then, moved IRO and replaced with two or three wheel sets on the left rack. Kilo added CETMA, so on the floor, and now 29er and another bike im fixing up. Most other bike gear is kept in a few boxes in a closet.

I will update when back in state college with current, lived reality of bikes owning my apartment. But they aren’t too bad as roommates.

Here is the old thread with lots of broken links

Here are a few pics of my bike “corner”

A few more pics of the bike “corner”

wow! looking at these pics makes my obsession okay, but fuck that’s a lot of stuff! one day :colbert:

damn, you pretty much have a full blown bike shop in your basement.

yeah, I spot about 60 60+cm bikes.

damn dude!!

track bike corner

[quote=bigmatt]Here is the old thread with lots of broken links

Here are a few pics of my bike “corner”

A few more pics of the bike “corner”[/quote]

Bicycle collector.

holy shit

Went from:



Bedroom closet, all those bins are filled with parts, more on the shelf, still more on the other side you can’t see.

I am so not organized.

yall need some 12 step help

I made my dining room into a bike room:

Spare parts, wheels, etc go in a huge closet I have and/or my storage unit in the basement (if I don’t care about the part being stolen). I’m going to rig up some bike parking over the next month or so, but other than that I like it.

goddamn, here i thought i was bad for having 3 bikes :colbert:

makes me think i can totally justify buying that pinarello just for when one of mine breaks/gets stolen/my balls drop

But I will really need to sell one or two maybe in the spring. maybe.