Bike Cult Show 2014

Great venue and well put together. Bikes of all kinds.

Feel free to link to a particular bike. Too many to post individually.

Looks fun. I had to go to the super-size pic to take in all the details like the direct-mount stem/bar combo, all those little fork braces, the asymmetric seat stays, ther front rack with removable low-riders.

That’s the first bike that got my attention as well. I hope it was ridden there with a rando bag on the rack. Great shots Eric! Rick almost had to use my bike as the display bike for the Rapha event. Thing looks like it has been run over by a truck after the trip.

Been meaning to post those bieks here for a while

he’s got a wild rack production style:

whoa, dat Flickr stream, new favorite

Holy shit wow. These things are insane!

Triple clamps, Ritchey breakaway, 44mm ht, pf30… What kind of tall bikes are these?

Yeah I spent way too much time digging through that Flickr… also love finding some cool bike persons flickr and they have their favorites full of other cool shit.

Are those racks sturdy enough to be a foothold for getting on?

in the flickr there’s a photo of a dude standing on a rack, attached to the dropout, dropout is on the ground, taking all the weight through those two points.

so, yeah?