Bike detectives, need info on this bike...

I have a Miyata Alumitech (women’s I think) bike that was converted to fixed-gear. It’s a strange bike, butted aluminum which is why I picked it up.
I was hoping someone could tell me the year, any ideas or additional info?

That is actually a 1937 Emphysema. Beautiful automobile. British, I think.

Definitely an Emphysema, but they made those in 36 and 37. You can tell this ones the 36 because it doesn’t have the mounts for the optional tool box on the running boards. Beautiful machine. Saw a Bronchitis (also made by Gashuffer) go on bob jackson for 38k

There is info here:

And further info here:

Is that the model with Solife tubing?

it’s definitely NJ5 approved for kierlin racing.

I think so with PNV lugs

I think so with PNV lugs[/quote]
No I think the model above this had the PNV, this one was built with PNB short butted tubing.

OH yeah you right.